Cabinet Hardware – Make it Modern

Whether you have moved into a new home or have just decided that it is about time your home gets a new, and more modern, look, you may be wondering where to start. Look at your cabinet hardware in any room.

One of the easiest ways to change the complete look of a room is to switch out a few pieces of cabinet hardware for new ones. First, you need to take stock of the cabinets you have currently on hand and how much of a change you want to make.

Change the Paint or Finish?

One of the things you may want to consider is whether you like the overall look of your cabinets. If they are painted or stained in a particular color that is no longer one you really want to see in your home, this may be a great time to change the complete look of your cabinets. If you are going to change the hardware out anyways, why not double your effort by redoing the complete look of the cabinets themselves while adding new hardware. One important thing to keep in mind if you are thinking of going this route is to make sure the new hardware you are going to use on the cabinets will go with the new paint or finish you are planning to put into effect. Think modern and contemporary colors such as black, white and red.

Changing Knobs

The first parts of the cabinet hardware you should look at are the cabinet knobs, pulls and any other pieces that are added on to aid in the opening and closing of your cabinet doors. If you currently have more traditional or older looking cabinet knobs and pulls, you may well see how just changing these out can totally redefine your cabinets. Choosing sharp black or chrome knobs to replace your more traditional ones will instantly add a more modern and contemporary touch to your cabinets.

Changing Hinges

The hinges on your cabinets say a lot of about the style of the room they are in. If you want a completely modern and contemporary look, you may want to look towards hinges that are invisible to the eye when the cabinets are closed. These are called European hinges and are very popular in modern decorative trends in cabinet hardware for your home. Additionally, you can decide on hinges that do some of the work for you. Self-closing hinges are a great choice, as cabinets that automatically shut once you are done with them seem to have an extra touch of modern styling.

For the most part, making the rooms in your home look like a different place, through a few cabinet hardware changes, is not a difficult job. For much of this, you will need little more than a screwdriver. Other parts may have you pull out a brush. But all can usually be done in a day, or at the most a weekend, and leave you feeling that you have completely redone your home without all the cost and hassle that a real in-depth renovation would carry.

Finding The Right Cabinet Hardware Style For Your Kitchen

You have made an important decision to remodel your kitchen and make it functional and inviting for friends and family. Now it is up to you to decide exactly what kind of look do you want and the type of cabinet hardware that will fit your style? Are you wanting one that is traditional, country, or contemporary (Modern, Retro Modern)? You will most likely find that the right style for you will probably be the one that will harmonize with the design of your house from the inside and out. If you have architecture which is classical, a formal look may be the right choice for you. Country styles seem to suit people who enjoy a casual and relaxed lifestyle. The contemporary, modern and retro modern look and design will be a good choice if you like clean lines, minimalistic layouts and a minimum amount of accessorizing.

A Traditional Kitchen

When you have chosen the look you what for you kitchen or bathroom, you will find that the cabinets and the cabinet hardware set the stage. In traditional kitchens and bathrooms, where the ambiance is elegant, gracious, and just a little bit formal, you will find cabinets are most commonly crafted of rich, gleaming woods, usually cherry or mahogany or any wood stained to resemble them. Ivory, or white painted cabinets are another frequent choice, but the key to the cabinets is a rich, glossy finish and the look of fine furniture. For the cabinet door style, choose a raised panel design and such architectural details as crown moldings and other millwork. One of the reasons for the popularity of the traditional kitchen is its gracious style its timelessness and the fact that it is unaffected by design trends that come and go. There are so many finish styles of cabinet hardware drawer pulls that can match the traditional kitchen or bathroom. Some of our most favorites are: Oil Rubbed Bronze drawer pulls, Antique Bronze drawer pulls, Weathered Brass, Rustic Brass, and Wrought Iron drawer pulls.

A Country Kitchen

Some kitchen designers and other industry experts in the cabinet field theorize that we love the country look because it recalls all of the warmth of grandmas kitchen. The county kitchen conjures up so many romantic notions of the keeping rooms of old, or simply links us to what we believe was a simpler, gentler time. Whatever the reason is that we love the country kitchen, this is one of the most popular styles, and and gives such a great opportunity for personal expression. The country kitchen is informal and relaxed, and it is a good choice for a casual lifestyle. Because the look of wear and tear is so desirable in the country kitchen, it suits busy families and active kitchens, too. It is best to build your country kitchen around wood cabinets in a natural stain, a weathered or bleached finish, or a even add cheerful paint color such as deep red. Neither elegance nor sleekness (as most commonly seen in the contemporary style) is the goal; so mismatched cabinets, freestanding unfitted pieces, or open shelves filled with dishes are the norm. There are many offshoots of this basic look – English country, cottage, Victorian, and arts and crafts, to name a few. If you are the country kitchen type, one of these variations is sure to please you.

How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

How to choose cabinet hardware doesn’t have to be a totally mind numbing experience. While it can be really overwhelming once you see all the options out there it really isn’t that hard to narrow down your choices based on the type of cabinet that you have. You’ll need to choose what type of handles the cabinets will have as well as what kind of hinge hardware to use.

First things first, where is the cabinet? Is this a kitchen job or are you decorating a game room or living room?

For non kitchen rooms you’ll want to go with a design that fits the room theme. For instance if you have a bar then you can find cute little brass wine bottle handles to attach. If it’s a poker themed game room you can even make your own knobs.

To make a poker chip knob just epoxy a bolt onto the back of a poker chip and install it in the cabinet.

Those are just a few tips for non traditional cabinets. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Now if you’re installing stuff in the kitchen then you’ll probably want something a little bit less outlandish.

For natural wood cabinets you need to look for traditional hardware items. These are typically ironwork or brass finished handles. They add a touch of class to the cabinets. If you have particularly heavy looking cabinets then you’ll need oversized chunky hardware to balance out the look. A dainty knob on large pieces will make it look misshapen.

A great new trend out there is stainless steel cabinets. The sleek modern look of steel doesn’t work well with protrusions. Instead stainless steel needs a flush mount set of hardware to help maintain its sleek look. These are typically custom built into the door during initial construction. If not then you’ll need to get some flanged inset cut handles.

Moving out of the kitchen let’s look at hardware for the utility room cabinets. Obviously these aren’t going to have the same kind of intricate detail as something in a living area. Here you just want to go with functional. Pick up some cheap aluminum handles that will screw directly into the pressboard and laminate cabinets. The holes for these are already predrilled. If you happen to just need to replace one knob that’s popped off you can just upsize the knob with one that has a slightly larger bolt.

How to choose cabinet hardware depends on a few factors. What room is the cabinet in, is it going onto a signature piece or a cheap laundry room style commercial cabinet? The size, shape and even the cost of cabinet hardware will vary depending on the usage.

One last thing to consider when buying new cabinet hardware though is that you’ll need to buy handles and hinges in the same finish. If you start mixing and matching the cabinets will just look off and not have that professional look. Shopping around is going to be the best idea out there.

Cabinet Hardware – Switching to Steel

Whether you are looking for a more modern look in the kitchen or you just want some cabinet hardware that will stand up to the abusive use of your family, you may want to consider steel.

Once you hear the name, you likely understand that steel cabinet hardware is stronger than many other pieces of hardware you would select for your home. Being a tough metal, steel hardware will be able to handle the kids running through the house hitting things against it, banging the cabinets together, and the other trials they are going to put it through.

Additionally, the silvery metal of steel is at the top of today’s trends for kitchens and cabinets, being marvelously modern pieces. If you have already purchased or are considering purchasing steel appliances, think of how well matched your kitchen will look when your cabinet hardware matches the appliances.

Before you start shopping for steel hardware, you have to make a list of what you need to get the job done right:

Type – There are many types of cabinet hardware out there. From knobs to pulls and handles, you have a few decisions to make on the type of hardware you want for your kitchen. If you are renovating, and adding these pieces on to cabinets that are already in place, you will need to go with pieces that will fit the old cabinetry unless you want to do some refinishing work.

Style – While cabinet hardware is made to be functional, these days it is just as much about décor. Look around at the other items in your kitchen and make sure the hardware pieces you are considering will suit the rest of the feel. For example, if you are going for a modern décor style, you are not going to want ornate steel hardware; you want something crisp and sleek.

Measure – If you are retrofitting new hardware on existing cabinetry, you must know what size pieces you need. If you have knobs, this is not much of a problem, as there is only one. But, if you have handles or pulls, you will have two holes that need to be lined up. Therefore, you must take a measurement of the space between those two holes. This is the same amount of space to be between the entry points on the new pulls. One smart rule of thumb is to take one of the old pieces of hardware with you and compare it to the new pieces under consideration.

Numbers – This may seem like a common sense thing, but many people forget to take an accurate count of the number of knobs and pulls they need before they leave for the store. Once they get there, they guess how many, and often get home to start installing their hardware and find out there aren’t enough pieces to complete the task. Start at one side of the room and count all of the pieces. Write this number down and take it with you.

A modern and sturdy set of steel cabinet knobs and pulls is not far away. With just a few screws and a little planning, you can have a kitchen that looks new again and is stronger than ever.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Unique is In

When you look at your kitchen, what does it make you think? Does it make you think of a room where a lot of work is done? Maybe a room that is always in the service of making serious meals. But do you ever think of the kitchen as fun? Do you ever consider this a place where neat decorations are used? Sadly, most people don’t ever think of their kitchen this way. They all consider it a place where meals need to be made and work needs to be done and then go to the rest of the house for recreation. Maybe it’s about time you give your kitchen a new look and appreciate that it’s just as much a room that can be decorated as all of the other rooms in your house.

Now when you first decide to do this you may not want to go over the top in decorating. So, let’s start simple. There is one easy thing you can do when decorating the kitchen that will make a substantial difference to the look of this room without taking an amazing amount of work on your part. We are talking about changing the cabinet hardware.

Most people don’t realize how big of a difference a simple change to some cabinet hardware can make in the home. But, think about this. When people look at your cabinetry, the first thing they’re going to look at is where they’re going to grab a hold of that piece of furniture if they need to use it. That means they’re automatically looking for pieces of hardware, whether they realize it or not. So, now you can see why changing the hardware does make a substantial difference overall.

When choosing what hardware you want to use to change your old hardware out with, you want to be in style, don’t you? Well, then you need to be paying attention to what the current styles are for home furnishings.

Every year there are new trends in the world of home decor. Some of these will not pertain to your cabinet knobs, such as items relating to fabrics, but others will. For example, one of this year’s trends in home decor is to go with unique shapes. This is something that can be easily done when it comes to choosing new kitchen cabinet hardware.

You have a few ways you can take this fashion trend and make it work in your kitchen. First you could look for pieces that fits the theme. For example, if you have a country theme in place, you may want to look for flower shaped knobs or even those that depict tools from the garden, where you are getting great fresh food for the kitchen. The other possibility is that you take a literal reaction to this and take a look at some of the new and unique shapes of kitchen cabinet hardware out there like zig zags, stars and abstract designs.

A little shopping around will help you find the perfect hardware for your kitchen in no time.